Saturday, April 30, 2011

Marking the beginning

Bird-Bear Tracks marks the beginning of a six-month adventure. By starting this travelogue I hope to document the journey ahead, charting the migration of me, a bird named after a bear, an overjoyed and anxious twenty-six-year-old preparing for all that has yet to come. My journey begins in a valley cradled by the Appalachian Mountains, in the city of Asheville where I've made my home. Before I place my palms to a steering wheel and head north, I hope to explore these mountains, to let the days unfold slowly, writing, reading, planting seeds in a backyard garden, spending time with the dear friends I’ve made, studying the beauty of spring, and savoring this season of transition and change.

My photo for today is of my dear coworkers at the Mountain Xpress, sending me off with love, laughs and a delicious meal at Laughing Seed CafĂ©. I am, and always will be, so grateful for my experience working at the Xpress, for the education I have received and for the amazing people I’ve worked with.   

 Pictured: Dane, Aiyanna, Dot, Rebecca, Jen & Alli. With so much gratitude for all of you!